Fast, Friendly, Free Workshop Coming Up



Jacob’s Ladder Structure

Denise Carbone

APRIL 5, 2014     10 am – 1pm

Library Company of Philadelphia

1314 Locust St., Philadelphia



The Jacob’s ladder is a folk toy consisting of blocks of wood held together by strings or ribbon. This 2,000-year-old Chinese toy has many wonderful applications for contemporary artist bookmakers. The book can be read straight through like any accordion book or hold one end and flip the ladder sections to reveal the hidden scenes. The apparent falling of the blocks has to do with a double-acting hinge. But to name it is not to comprehend it.

I will supply board for blocks, ribbon and polyethylene strapping for connector.

You should bring:

10 to 12 images cut to 3” square

Double-stick tape


Bone tool

(optional) your own ribbon

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