DVC Collaborative Project 2014

DVC Collaborative Project 2014

An Atlas. Each participant makes a map of a place real or imagined. This could also be a state of mind.

Each participant will make an edition of maps.  The maps can be of any (reasonable) size and will then be folded to one specified size.  We will exchange the maps with each other after which the participants can either bind the maps as a book, or make a box for them.


1.       The folded measurement is 5.5”w x 8.5”h.  The folded maps should not be any bigger or any smaller than this measurement.  Maps can also be a single sheet, unfolded, but still must be 5.5”w x 8.5”h. You do not need to attach stubs or guards for binding, unless you want to incorporate them in your folding plan.  Participants who decide to bind their copy will in some case have to attach stubs or guards in order to sew the text block.

2.       You must include a cartouche on the map with at least the title of the map and your name. The cartouche can be very simple and it can also contain any other information you would like to include.  To learn more about cartouches: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartouche_%28cartography%29

3.       A digital list of all participants and map titles will be available to make your own title page or box list.

4.       The registration form and your check for $15 are due by April 4.

5.       You will be informed of the edition size on April 7th.

6.       The folded maps will be due on September 12th, and a collation party will likely take place on September 13.

7.       We plan to offer a one-day clamshell box workshop for $100 per member in the fall.

8.       Plans to exhibit this collaborative project are underway.  More to follow.

9.       You must be a member of the Delaware Valley Chapter for the duration of the project.

10.   Questions?  Email Jennifer: dvcgbw@verizon.net


Please write a check for $15 made payable to:

The Guild of Book Workers

Mail the check to:

Alice Austin

The Library Company

1314 Locust Street

Philadelphia, PA  19107


FYI concerning shipping: If we have to mail you anything for this collaborative project, we will insure the item to the extent that we can. However, there are complex rules concerning shipping artworks and it seems that the likelihood of getting any money for lost items is very small. Please understand that you assume the risk when we use the mail or a shipping company.

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