Making and Sharpening Knives with Jeff Peachey


Saturday, April 26, 2014
10 am to 5 pm
Stratford, New Jersey

This class is an intensive one-day introduction to one of the most basic human tool making activities  making and keeping an edge tool sharp without the use of jigs. The specific tools of bookbinders will be examined: paring knives, lifting knives, scissors, hole punches, spokeshaves and board shear blades. A wide variety of sharpening systems will be available for comparison: water stones, ceramic stones, diamond stones, oil stones, natural stones, silicone carbide powder, aluminum oxide powder, diamond paste, abrasive papers and stropping compounds. Some basic principals of tool steels will be explained, and edge geometry investigated. The goal is to free participants from the plethora of misinformation and mystique that surrounds sharpening and to instill confidence in sharpening and resharpening bookbinding knives. Participants should bring any stones and edge tools they have for evaluation. We will make one small knife from a hacksaw blade, and larger blanks with a factory grind will be available for purchase.

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