Collaborative Book Project: Secondary Colors

Boutet’s 7-color and 12-color color circles from 1708
  • Any DVC member in good standing may participate.  You must remain a member through 2013, when we plan to exhibit the books twice.
  • The theme is secondary colors and you may interpret that any way you like. 
  • We would like to make a book that contains alternatives to the standard signatures such as: accordions, pop-ups, map folds, fold-outs, pockets, etc. 
  • Your edition final size must be 4”W x 7”H (after folding) and ready to sew into a book structure.  
  • The edition number will be the number of participants plus 3.  Two extra for books that will be bound and donated to book arts collections and the third will be exhibited with your book. 
  • You will bind your own book in any way you want.  We will offer some suggestions to those who would like guidance. You will provide the binding materials. 
  •  If you are an out-of-town member, see the timeline below. 
  •  You may collaborate with another member. 
  • The exhibit will consist of each person’s bound book plus their piece, unbound.  (Both will be returned after the exhibit)
  • Commitment to participate is due April 12. The date is firm. Entry fee due: $25, payable to the Guild of Book Workers.  The check will cover exhibition and mailing expenses.  
  • Notification to participants of edition number:  April 13 
  • Meeting for participants to see folding ideas:  April 28. This meeting is not required. 
  • Long-distance member editions due: October 26.  The date is firm. 
  • Local editions due Saturday, November 3, 2012. The date is firm.  To be delivered in person, if possible, to the Library Company.  That day we will collate the book and discuss binding ideas.  This is when you will get the contents of your book, so you should really try to come to this event. (If your edition is not ready by November 3, 2012 (or October 26 in the case of long-distance member) it will not be included in the collaborative book. No exceptions, no refunds!) 
  • Compiled editions sent to long-distance members:  week of November 5 
  • Finished book due:  Saturday, January 12, 2013.  The date is firm. We will have a little party to celebrate and see each other’s finished books.  
  • Exhibition at the Cabot Science Library at Harvard University:  January 24 to May 19, 2013.  We will pack the books and ship them to Harvard where DVC member Todd Pattison will install the exhibit.  The books will return to Philadelphia and be exhibited at a venue yet to be determined.  (If you do not get your book to us by January 12, it will not be in the exhibit.  No exceptions, no refunds!)
Questions?  Email me:
 Commitment to Participate
Entry Fee:  $25 payable to The Guild of Book Workers mail to:
Alice Austin, Library Company, 1314 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA  19107.

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