Two DVC Members in Exhibition at the Center for Book Arts NYC

The Center for Book Arts is pleased to present:
The Un(framed) Photograph: Artist Members Annual Exhibition
Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director, and Doug Beube, Mixed-Media Artist and Photographer, Curator of the Allan Chasanoff Book Works Collection, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Photography at Parsons New School of Design

Where: The Center for Book Arts, 28 W. 27th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY
When: July 6 – September 10, 2011
Admission: Free

NEW YORK, NY—The Un(framed) Photograph, featuring current members of CBA’s artistic community and other invited artists whose work will further the discourse, focuses on how the art of photography, the photographic process, and related media, such as video stills, are used to convey content, form, text, and image within a broader context of book arts practices. Artworks featured in this exhibition represent a broad range of book and related arts, including but not limited to books, prints, sculpture, mixed-media installation, new media, and performance art.

The Un(framed) Photograph is organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director, and Doug Beube, Mixed-Media Artist, Photographer, and Curator of the Allan Chasanoff Book Works Collection. The artists featured in this exhibition are Rosaire Appel, Aileen Bassis, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Deborah Phillips Chodoff, Paul Clay, Katherine D. Crone, Brian Dettmer, Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Andrea Diodati, Ipek Duben, Colette Fu,Thomas Jackson, Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Pelagia Kyriazi, Margarita Lypiridou, Franco Marinai, David Maroto, Anna Mavromatis, Louise McCagg, Scott McCarney, Heidi Neilson, Leah Oates, Suzanne Pastor, Maureen Piggins, Maria G. Pisano, Laura Russell, Rocco Scary, Peter Sramek, Sally Tosti, Tricia Treacy, Elysa Voshell, Ellen Wallenstein, Thomas Parker Williams, Dennis Yuen, Ewa Monika Zebrowski, and Philip Zimmermann.

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