Workshop Coming up Next Month

Developing a Narrative in Visual Artists Books

This workshop will focus on the development and use of narrative as it is used in contemporary book form. Class discussion will include narrative expression from a variety of sources such as current and historical fiction and painting, folk art, and ancient mythologies. There will also be references to popular contemporary art and culture, with an emphasis on visual artist’s books. The course will include class participatory exercises hands on studio assignments and class reviews. Attendees should bring a sketchbook, glue sticks, scissors and drawing/sketching supplies

Taught by Claire Owen

The workshop will be held July 11th from 10 am – 4pm with lunch break

Held at Claire’s studio. (Germantown)

$80 members, $100 non-members


Make Sense! or how far a narrative thread can be pulled.

Discussion will include the importance of linear flow to a narrative. Examples of work in which this is done successfully and when it has failed will be discussed. There will be discussion of pacing of information from a beginning point through “time” to a conclusion.

Terms of Engagement:

By what means does an artist engage the viewer in their story using the primary elements of IMAGE and/or TEXT. Do they use a reference to a specific public or private event; (911, Kennedy assassination, graduation, wedding?) Or do they give you a character to care about (or not) Are you (the viewer) being asked to consider a new context and meaning for a commonly understood truth?

Details Matter

Here the workshop will examine how to consider the effectiveness of the physical elements of a work in “delivering” the narrative to the viewer. If text is important, how is readability enhanced or compromised? If a specific time or place is important to the narrative, are the artist references accurate? With specific consideration to the book form, the individual elements of paper, cloth, page size, text style, and image, will be considered as part of the whole “voice” of the story.

If you want to attend this workshop, please email Jennifer Rosner:

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