Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers Annual Meeting 2013

2013 Annual Meeting

A Tribute to Hedi Kyle
At our annual meeting of the Delaware Chapter Valley Guildof Book Workers we had the opportunity to celebrate longstanding member, book artist, conservator and all around inspira-tion, Hedi Kyle.Hedi moved to Philadelphia from New York, taking the posi-tion of Head of Conservation at the American PhilosophicalSociety Library in 1986. She set up a new lab there, and beganteaching book arts and binding at the University of the Arts. In1989 a masters program in book arts and printmaking was established and she began teaching in that program.During this time she was teaching workshops all over the world and was a co-director of the Paper and Book Intensive, which celebrated its’ 30th year recently.How lucky were we?Hedi has inuenced and mentored many students, includingmyself. Her generosity and knowledge of the book, her aestheticsand use of materials, and her inventions in paper folding are now a part of us all.She is migrating her studio and home to Pine Hill New York. We are not saying good-bye, but so long. So long as youpromise to come and visit, teach workshops and participate in our events!! Thanks, Hedi, for being you,
— Your pal, dc

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