Smith’s Structures

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Smith’s Structures

To honor Keith Smith’s contribution to the book arts community, participants from the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers have responded to a structure or technique found in his five volume set, ‘Non-Adhesive Binding’. These popular volumes provide comprehensive instruction on bindings that require no adhesive, heavy equipment, or elaborate tools. The innovative and versatile approaches to binding have inspired students, teachers, and book artists to create structures, both simple and elaborate, that are able to support content or exist as a stand-alone form.

This exhibition runs concurrently to Keith Smith at Home, on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until July 8, 2018.

Adrienne Stalek
KS structure: fold book
Paper, watercolor, ink

Christopher A. Brown
KS structure: five-hole pamphlet stitch
Paper, PVA, watercolor, double-sided tape

Cindy Au-Kramer
KS structure: Coptic binding
Wood, Elephant Hide paper, letterpress paper, linen thread

Dana Kull
KS structure: exposed-spine binding with added integral endbands
Mohawk Superfine 80lb text, paste paper, toned linen thread, flax cords

Dee Collins
KS structure: caterpillar stitch
Asahi Japanese book cloth, linen thread

Denise Carbone
KS structure: fold book
One page imposition (not really noted but complementary), letterpress printed on French paper

Elizabeth Gates
KS structure: woven chain
Linen thread, Cave Paper, text paper

Eriko Takahashi
KS structure: concertina fold, codex binding
Thai marbled paper, Japanese book cloth, variety of materials on pages

Hedi Kyle
KS structure: accordion
Silver Elephant Hide paper, offset printed cover stock, string

Jacqueline Manni
KS structure: French door
Paper, elastic cord, fabric button, rubber stamp, Donald Trump’s speech to accept the Republican nomination in 2016

James Engelbart
KS structure: dos-à-dos-à-dos pamphlet stitch with one, two, and three signatures
Library buckram with gold stamping

Jennifer Rosner
KS structure: laced-jacket binding
Woven cut-up vellum indenture, 18th century ledger paper

Karen Lightner
KS structure: dot-dash sewing, single signature, flat-back cover with double spine
Canson cover stock, drawing paper, linen thread

KS structure: alternating diagonals and bars, two signatures, flat-back with fixed foredge turn-ins cover
St. Armand Canal 50 flax and cotton cover stock, drawing paper, #10 hemp cord

KS structure: thread eye with Xs, two signatures, flat-back with fixed foredge turn-ins
St. Armand Canal 50 flax and cotton cover stock, drawing paper, linen thread

KS structure: the rope, three signatures, flat-back with fixed foredge turn-ins cover
St. Armand Canal #50 Grey Cotton cover stock, drawing paper, linen thread

Kate Devlin
KS structure: simple three-section sewing
Mixed scrap papers, Mylar, metallic ribbon, Tyvek

Kristin Balmer
KS structure: exposed-spine binding with caterpillar stitch sewing
Felted wool from recycled sweaters, glass beads, found buttons, waxed linen thread

Lisa Scarpello
KS structure: exposed-spine binding
French Paper, silk book cloth, vellum, pine cones

Maria G. Pisano
KS structure: Coptic binding
Linen thread with linen paper case HM Paper from Tim Barrett

Mary Phelan
KS structure: spring-action binding
Digital prints

Melissa Tedone
KS structure: isolated diamonds
Designed for Liz Peirce to commemorate the founding of the Napoleon’s Buttons Book Club (NBBC). Lacquered Yuzen paper, Mohawk paper, linen thread, Iris book cloth, Bristol board, PVA, Golden Acrylics, rare earth magnets

Rosae Reeder
KS structure: accordion and pamphlet combination expandable album
Decorative paper, handmade envelopes, book cloth

Ruth Scott Blackson
KS structure: concertina binding
Canson paper, shiny collaged papers

Shannon Kerner
KS structure: caterpillar stitch, four-up packed, weave, and loop
Hemp, linen, and silk thread, pen and ink

Sophy DiPinto
KS structure: single-sheet Coptic binding
Binder’s board, book cloth, recycled elements from old books, linen thread

Tara O’Brien
KS structure: hexagonals
Hanji Paper dipped in bee’s wax, rayon thread, Cave paper. Selections from Langstroth’s Hive and the Honey-Bee printed on French Paper Co. Parchtone paper

Todd Pattison
KS structure: exposed spine binding with packed sewing, switching signatures at the endbands
Madeleine Durham paste paper, Katie MacGregor handmade paper and sewing thread

Valeria Kremser
KS structure: buttonhole stitch with some decorative weaving
Various papers, linen thread, magnets