Let’s Eat Cake

Let’s Eat Cake: A Delaware Valley Chapter Collaborative Project and Exhibition

The idea for this project came during a visit to view the collection at The German Society of Pennsylvania. They have a wonderful assortment of recipe books with beautiful illustrations. Below are photos of some of the books for inspiration.

Our collaborative project will be a “cookbook” of cakes. Each participant will be asked to make an edition of pages that responds to the theme of ‘Cake’. It can be a recipe that’s been in your family for generations, a favorite cake, imagery relating to ‘cake’, or it can be an imagined cake.


The final size for each page must be exactly 4” x 6”. (It can be folded to this size)

-You may use card stock, Bristol, or text weight paper. Digital content is acceptable, but your page must show evidence of handwork. Examples of this are, but not limited to: a cut, a drawn line, hand-coloring, hole punching, etc.


You can do whatever you want: make a unique box or enclosure or can bind them as a book.


The German Society of Pennsylvania is very excited to host an exhibition of our collaborative project. This will likely be scheduled for the beginning of 2021.


If you are not dropping off your pages, you will be required to mail them in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box. We will re-use your box to mail the collated pages back to you using a pre-paid label that you will email to us. There will be no exceptions.* We will do the same thing when you send us your completed book for exhibition. If your book does not fit in a small flat rate box, you can use one of the bigger flat rate boxes. We will mail your book back to you in the same box. Again, you will email the pre-aid label at this time. Each box is automatically insured for $50. If you want extra insurance, you can add that when you purchase your label.

*The reason for using USPS Flat Rate Boxes is that we have found the shipping process to be very time consuming and if we use these boxes, we can simply drop them off at the post office. Plus the fact that participants can pay directly for the label and email it to us, saves a lot of time.

To sign up, Click Here !


Commit by May 15, 2020

Completed pages due – September 18th

Collation party – TBD

Finished binding – November/December

Exhibition at the German Society – Early 2021

Questions? Please ask! dvcgbw[at]gmail.com