Encyclopedia Britannica Project

The DVC was given a 29 volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica (Eleventh edition, 1910).  Each participant picked one volume and did whatever they wanted with it.

Here are the completed projects.


Kristin Balmer
Tunnel of War, 2018


Tunnel book made from paper and glue.  Volume T-V
Color plates of Uniforms, black and white illustrations of Triumphal Arch, Vaults and Vaulting 

Christopher A. Brown
Apples, 2018


Paper, Card stock, PVA adhesive, Book cloth, Imitation gilding. Frosted Mylar, Acrylic Paint

For this project, I was given volume XI: FRA-GIB. Taking inspiration from the entry on Germany, I created a hard-side tunnel book that captured a moment in the lives of the Grimm Brother’s Snow White and her wicked stepmother. The pages of the tunnel book were made from the entry on Germany, the front and back frames were recycled from the volume’s free end papers, the internal boards feature maps of Germany found in the encyclopedia, and the front board recycles part of the original book cloth in an inlay design. 

Sophy DiPinto 


What is an Encyclopedia but your world as explained to you by the rich white men who own it. (and Mrs. Meakin)


Jane Griffith
Binding my Ps & Qs, 2018


The design, “Binding my Ps & Qs” is inspired by the content of the volume I received. The structure is Gabrielle Fox’s “Flowing Spine”, covered and lined in goatskin. The title and letters in different fonts are stamped in black, with onlays in snake and goatskin. The textblock is comprised of scanned illustrations of P & Q entries in the encyclopedia.

Karen Hanmer  
Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh edition, 1910, vol. XXIV Sai to Shu, disbound and rebound, 2018
Linen thread, some made into sewing supports by the binder; walnut boards.


Since this volume was destined for discard and the call for entries invited participants to “do whatever they want with it,” I felt free to do just that, and viewed the book as a big ream of wonderfully thin but surprisingly strong paper. The packed sewing on double cords supplemented with endbands with frequent tie-downs transform the book into a kind of scholarly medieval slinky.

Shannon Kerner


This X volume of the 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica set has been made into a compartment book. The 3-D effect from the cotton twine is made with paper anchors behind an edge-glued flyleaf. The images used all come from the interior leaves of this volume, and the quilled paper contains interesting messages and fun secrets. Acrylic paint covers the exterior of the boards and a canvas spine piece. Volume X: Evangelical Church to Francis Joseph.

Thomas Parker Williams 


STEEL CONSTRUCTION 1911 features information from the encyclopedia about the construction of one of the great landmarks of New Your City, The Flatiron Building. Original photographs from the encyclopedia are presented along with sections of text describing steel properties and loading characteristics as well as an ink painting of the corner of the building under construction. The painting and book unfolds to 48 inches high. The covers are thin steel with a patina finish simulating rust.

Jennifer Rosner 


My volume contains mostly the letter “C” and included the word “cube”.  I have always wanted to make a book in the shape of a cube.  I am also enamored with the paper.  It is so thin and flexible.  This book is made almost entirely of pages of the encyclopedia, with a few hidden bits modern materials to reinforce vulnerable areas.

Adrienne Stalek 
Mixed media