Fast , Friendly, Free Workshop Coming Up!

Faux Gold Labels

instructor- Jennifer Rosner

Saturday, July 17. 9:30 am to noon

Library Company of Philadelphia

1314 Locust Street

Philadelphia, 19107

Learn to make paper gold labels with your computer and a laminating machine.

A members only workshop.

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Bookbinding Equipment for Sale

Hello Everyone,
I had a call from someone who is selling her father’s bookbinding equipment. Below is the information that she sent me along with her contact information:

Here is the list of bookbinding equipment we have for sale.
Interested parties may contact me a vjebinder@gmail or phone 508 853 2055.

1. Board Cutter – Manual Shears

2. Cutting Machine, Electric with extra knives

3. Job Backer, Manual

4. Job Backer with Roller

5. Press, Max opening 5-12 feet ( includes boards and cabinet and logs to shorten distance

6. Press, Max opening 4 feet (includes boards and cabinet and logs

7. Press, Table top model, 13″x13″ top plate & 15″x15″ bottom plate (includes boards

8. Glueing Machine, Hot, Electric (includes glue

9. Turning-In Machine sold

10. Case Making Gauge

11. Stamping Machine, Hot stamping, Kensol ( prefer to sell both kensols together includes type, pallets, chaises

12. Stamping Machine, Hot stamping, Kensol

13. Oversewing Machine ( includes sectioner, needles and punches

14. Numbering Machine

15. Hole Eyelet Punching Machine (includes various punches

16. Metal top table

17. Warmer, for type and pallets

18. Electric Glue Pots

19. Paper Jogger

Additionally, there is a residual Inventory of Binding Materials – (binders boards, end sheets, cover materials (in sheet sizes and in rolls), etc.).
And a quantity of Chases and Pallets and a large quantity of Type for the Kensols.
There are also worktables and steel shelving