Hybrid Book Conference Events

Come one, come all to the Hybrid Book Fair
Friday and Saturday, June 5 and 6
1-6 in the Greshman Y. (401 S. Broad St.)
The Fair is free. Please come visit us at our chapter table!

There is also an exhibition:
The Hybrid Book: Irma Boom, Gunnar Kaldewey, and Hedi Kyle
The show will be up from June 2 to June 30
Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (333 S. Broad Street).
Hours: Monday-Friday 10-5, Wednesday 10-8, Saturday and Sunday 12-4.

Hedi Kyle and Gunnar Kaldewey will be interviewed in the opening event of the conference:
6 PM, June 4 in Solmssen Court, Hamilton Hall (320 S. Broad)

For more information click here.

Please come to these interesting events!

(book pictured above is by Hedi Kyle)

Progressive Book Party Fun

The Progressive Book Party was such fun! We all brought an accordion book along with a dish for the potluck. After a delicious meal we cleared the table and this is what we did: Each person had two minutes to draw a picture on the first panel or spread of their book. Then they passed it to the person sitting next to them who had 20 seconds to look at the picture before covering it up. Then they had 1 minute to draw what they saw. Or in many cases, what they thought they saw! The drawings began to evolve into something else. For example, a drawing that started as an umbrella turned into a flying bat. Very entertaining!